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  • 4 Key Reasons Why The English Language Is Universal
    English is a language that is known by millions around the world, in fact it is the 2nd most popular language spoken globally. 377 Million Native speakers and 611 non-native speakers, as you can see the number of non-native speakers is increasing; This is what makes English a worthy language to learn for several reasons: […]
  • 5 Business Benefits of Learning English
    English is a universal language which many people are taught to learn from a young age at schools. Many are taught this from a young age as it is a starting point into the business world. Thousands of languages are spoken across the world yet English is seen as a superior language within the work […]
  • How to write a formal email
    Emails are a great alternative to the traditional letter as it is readily accessible, quick and better for the environment. Many people use emails for personal, work or school use. As more of us are incorporating emails in our day to day lives, this is why it is very important to know how to write […]

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