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14 Jun 2020 Bhavini Chauhan

How to write a formal email

Emails are a great alternative to the traditional letter as it is readily accessible, quick and better for the environment. Many people use emails for personal, work or school use. As more of us are incorporating emails in our day to day lives, this is why it is very important to know how to write a well written formal email.

The basics of writing a formal email are:

  1. Use a professional email address – this should be your work/business email.
  2. Make the subject line short and relevant – This gives the reader a brief insight into the email.
  3. Open with a greeting – This is a fundamental start for any formal email. E.g. – Dear Tom, Good morning, Good afternoon etc.
  4. Introduce yourself/ show your interest – If you are the first to send the email then state who are and where you are writing from or if you are replying to an email you should say thank you for your email for common courtesy and politeness.
  5. Main objective - Main body of the email should explain the reason for the email. Emails should not be extremely long and should be kept easy and quick to read.
  6. Closing an email – You will always need to close your email in a professional manner such as your sincerely, kind regards, many thanks etc.


  • Do not use slang and use correct formal professional English.
  • Do not use offensive or inappropriate language.
  • Proofread and use spell check.
  • Make sure any attachments are attached if stated.
  • If you are unsure who you are addressing please greet the email as “Dear whom it may concern”.

Please see below an example of a simple formal email:

Writing a formal email can be very easy once you have caught on to the basic structure. You can practise this many times by sending emails to yourself for a test run. We can help you at our academy on how to write the perfect email – please click here to enrol today!!

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