English for Work and Business – Beginners



This course will help individuals to prepare for, and operate more effectively at work. It will teach the basic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking English at a more professional level, suitable for work. The main goal at this stage is for individuals to gain confidence with grammar and vocabulary.


This course prepares someone to pass ‘Cambridge English: B1 Business Preliminary (BEC Preliminary)’ test or to get 40-59 score in BULATS test. A Certificate of Completion will be provided after completing the course.

Course Outline

Grammar and Vocabulary: elementary (CEFR: A2)

Vocabulary will be taught in the context of each topic, as appropriate:

  • Jobs and employment
  • Office equipment
  • Routines and free time
  • Making arrangements
  • Countries and continents
  • Transportation and travel
  • Eating out, food and drink


  • Introducing yourself
  • Meeting and greetings
  • Getting to know colleagues

Everyday work actives

  • Work routines and daily tasks
  • Asking questions at work
  • Exchanging details

Choosing a job

  • Finding the right job
  • Writing a resumé (CV)
  • Skills and experience
  • Career history

Applying for a job/interviews

  • Reading job descriptions and applications
  • Cover letter vocabulary
  • Job interviews
  • Career development


  • Personal hobbies
  • Talking about your free time outside of work

Dates and times

  • Telling the time
  • Making appointments

Health and safety

  • Talking about health and safety at work

Rules and requests

  • Rules and regulations
  • Polite requests
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Apologies and explanations

Making travel arrangements

  • Travel and directions
  • Hotels and accommodation

Dining and hospitality

  • Restaurants
  • Offering and accepting hospitality

Informal/formal phone calls

  • Telephone language


  • Making plans on email
  • Email language
  • Emailing a client



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